‘A word after a word after a word is power’. Margaret Atwood

Words hame editve always been pivotal in my life. Since an early age I have crafted stories and anecdotes, and recorded tales and memories. I write creatively about travels, relationships, and the everyday made special because it is observed.

I am also an established copy editor and proofreader, specialising in academic writing (for example theses, journal articles, book chapters).

I am currently enrolled in a Master of Philosophy (Creative Writing) and positively luxuriating in words.


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  1. Azmiri Mian

    Simply fabulous.

  2. Carmen

    Great job Tina, good luck 🙂

  3. Monica Behrend

    Congratulations! Enjoy the creating and creating! What fun!
    Thank you for all the terrific work on thesis editing for PhD students in that past … yes I certainly recommend your word-smithing and editing!
    Cheers & good luck!

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