Envisage (verb)

Photo by Pratik Gupta, via Unsplash


  1. To view or regard in a certain way
  2. To have a mental picture of especially in advance of realisation

(Ref: Merriam-Webster Online, Word of the day, 20 June 2020)

Use it in a sentence

I had envisaged something else entirely. All our message conversations had been littered with snappy dialogue and witty banter. We had exchanged ideas, made connections, and of course, flirted coquettishly, almost shyly. I didn’t mind that we never spoke on the phone. I thought I might already know your voice, had imagined that our first face-to-face meeting would be dramatic and sudden, but familiar at the same time. Peppery, gauzy, smug.  

But you arrived 15 minutes late for our hike. And when you got out of your car, you limped towards me and said, no, there was nothing wrong. But you produced a puffer too, and it was clear that you didn’t love walking in the outdoors, and, in fact, that you were severely asthmatic. I was confused. We had nothing at all to say for a good 20 minutes. You were handsome, I’ll give you that. But it was clear too, that someone else was writing or at least coaching or at least vetting your messages. Someone far more clever, spontaneous and interesting than you, I’m sorry.

After we talked about finance and banking, and after you told me how much you hated cooking and how indifferent you were to eating too (I’m a chef, remember?), and after you slumped back to the car, exhausted and uninspired by nature, you had the gall to ask me, with a leer, if I’d like to go back to your place.

No. No. I had envisaged something else entirely, but what I got was reality. Again.   

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