Forte (noun)

Photo by Siim Lukka via Unsplash


  1. One’s strong point
  2. the part of a sword or foil blade that is between the middle and the hilt and that is the strongest part of the blade.

(Ref: Merriam-Webster Online, Word of the Day, 23 August 2020)

Use it in a sentence

After several spent matches and copious amounts of huffing and puffing, the kindling finally took, and soon there was a modest fire blazing in the stone firepit. Relieved, Becca took her place in the circle, under the barely contained contempt of her fellow witches. She ignored them as she adjusted her gold, asymmetrical crop top. One arm was bare, the other encased in a long sleeve. The other girls had told her that the tops, together with the tight white jeans, were impractical witch uniforms – sitting around in the local Scouts park, they were soon coated in dirt and leaves, and sometimes dog poo. And frankly, the synthetics were a danger so close to the fire. But she had insisted. She didn’t want them to be a cliché – all in virginal long dresses. Pfft! Becca looked around the circle. Virginal and pure? This lot?

‘Ok, now everyone hold up your mobile phones.’ Becca waited several minutes as they keyed in pin numbers or used face recognition to log in. Then there were the inevitable pings and beeps, alerts from Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram/Tinder.

When they were all ready, they turned on the torch function on their iPhones and held them aloft.  Becca cleared her throat. This was her forte – giving solemn and rousing speeches, at once uplifting, motivational and empowering. She drew herself up straight and looked up at the night sky.

‘Fellow Modern Girl Wytchez. We come here tonight to pay homage to our spirit guides, Google and Amazon, and to worship our deity – Modern Technology. We promise to sign in, log in, register, and upload, and regularly change our passwords using numbers, symbols and uppercase letters. We pledge to always download all available software updates, to maintain a thorough malware and virus check program, and to post content to multiple social media platforms all at once. We vow to never bully, catfish or gaslight anyone using our privileged, enlightened position.’ Here, Beccy paused to look pointedly at a couple of the girls who smirked but stayed quiet. ‘And we promise never to post, sell or publish nudes, or send them to unworthy males.’ There were a few audible groans, but Becca ploughed on. ‘We endeavour to always use our skills and abilities for good, and not evil. We pledge to only post choreographed and rehearsed content to TikTok, and we will be vigilant against bad reviews, reporting, and blocking actions. We must upgrade regularly and maintain our hardware integrity. Modern Gal Wythchez – are you with me?’


Becca shouted suddenly, ‘I can’t hear you, bitches. Are you with me?’

‘Yes!’ they shouted back, a little startled.

‘Then gather around for one epic selfie!’  

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