Gratuitous (adjective)


1. not called for by the circumstances: not necessary, appropriate, or justified: unwarranted

2a. given unearned or without recompense

2b. costing nothing: free

2c. law: not involving a return benefit, compensation, or consideration

(Ref: Merriam-Webster Online, Word of the day, 2 May 2020)Top of Form

Use it in a sentence

“So, erm… thank you for having… seeing me. I really appreciate your time. Of course, you know I have an engineering degree – with Honours – and even though I haven’t been employed as an engineer per se, I have done some engineering. That sounds wrong. I mean, I’ve led some engineering projects and just last year, my friends and I made this great… erm… actually, you don’t need to hear about that. Anyway, I didn’t really want to be an engineer. Not at first. I’ve always wanted to be a painter to be perfectly honest. That may sound like a totally different career, but there’s a lot of creativity in both – creativity with order. I’m keen on abstracts, you know like Picasso. Anyway, my parents made me pick engineering – I had the points for it – and it kinda grew on me and here I am.”

“Thank you, Sarah.” Ms Schlegel pursed her lips, leaned forward a little and narrowed her eyes. “That’s all very Interesting, but also, I would say, rather gratuitous. Now, please just answer the questions the panel poses – briefly.”

Blood coloured Sarah’s cheeks before just as quickly draining away. She nodded, “Yep. Yes. Of course. Thank you.”  

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