Rife (adjective)

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  1. Prevelant especially to an increasing degree
  2. abundant, common
  3. copiously supplied: abbounding.

(Ref: Merriam-Webster Online, Word of the Day, 31 July 2020)Top of Form

Use it in a sentence

Faced with a problem, she turned to her favourite source of sage information – Google (capital G). There was an answer to everything. Indeed, she loved how often Google could accurately predict what you wanted to know, like magic. And she was always intrigued by the suggested endings that came up when you started to key in, ‘How do you….’ Change a tyre? Bake chocolate chip cookies? Make a bomb?   

But Google wasn’t her only oracle. There was also Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Apple News. The people there always seemed to have a good solid opinion about what you should do and think, and even what you should NOT do and think. She admired that assuredness.

What she liked more than anything, was the random conversations she struck up with people on forums, meetup and subgroups. She enjoyed the thrill of talking to someone she’d never met, albeit from a safe distance. She was active member of a knitting group (she was still getting the hang of it), a ‘Save the ferrets’ group (so cute, though she’d never owned one), and the vintage clothing, scholars of the Enlightenment, and the beach lovers groups.

The Lonely Hearts group was perhaps her favourite. They seemed the nicest and kindest. The men always called her sweetie and asked what on earth she was doing there, which made her blush, even though they couldn’t see her. It never occurred to her that the Internet was also rife with bots, kooks and stalkers, and that a group called the Lonely Hearts was also a potential hotbed and powerful magnet for charlatans and rascals. The kind who would drain your bank account even as they robbed your heart. She drank it all up like iced tea on a hot summer’s day.

But she turned back to Google now and thought about how to phrase her problem. She typed, ‘How do you … cure loneliness?’

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