Solecism (noun)


  1. an ungrammatical combination of words in a sentence; also : a minor blunder in speech
  2. something deviating from the proper, normal, or accepted order
  3. a breach of etiquette or decorum

(Ref: Merrium Webster online, Word of the Day, 4 April 2020)

Use it in a sentence

Apparantly, you’re not supposed to ask those sorts of questions on Tinder, and especially not during your first message exchange. Collected feedback: whoa, intense; honey, back-off; ahahah, nahhh; are you serious? Those who simply deleted/ blocked/ complained.

Then I connected with Lenny. He forgave me my solecism, and in fact, he encouraged me to ask more questions outside the norm. He had some questions of his own. We arranged to meet the following weekend.

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